Further conspicuous international design prizes:


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Student PrizeIdea PrizeConstruction Materials PrizeInterdisciplinary Prize
Council of Creativity PrizeIndustrial PrizeGlobal Awards PrizeAdvanced Prize
Expostitions PrizeManufacturers PrizeItalians PrizeGood Prize
Talents PrizeAdvanced PrizeWonderful PrizeAbsolute Prize
Award PrizeGreatest Art Pieces PrizeGreatest Design Works PrizeHighlighting Prize
Exquisite Designs PrizeTop Designers PrizeDesignPrix PrizeDesigners Prize
Arts Equipment PrizeChoice of Security PrizePortfolio PrizeDiligence of Technology Prize
Business Plan PrizeCorporate Plans PrizeArt Installations PrizeAircrafts Prize
Financial Instruments PrizeOutranking PrizeConference Rooms PrizeMathematics Prize
White Goods PrizeYellow Goods PrizeBusiness Deals PrizeDesign Business Prize
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